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Can a log burner save you money on your energy bills?

With the rate of annual inflation currently heading towards 10% many UK households are facing often impossible increases in their expenditure. Struggling to make ends meet when it comes to the everyday costs of living is a regular occurrence for many families.

One of the most significant areas of concern, is the ability of households to heat their homes.

Martin Lewis the ‘Money Saving Expert’ predicts that the energy price cap will rise 64% in October taking a typical bill to £3,244 a year (read more here).

We have previously touched on the potential for real fires to save money (read blog here) .

It was reported in the Daily Express on 9th July 2022 that Log burners can save you £422 with ‘reliable, affordable’ heating in winter.

As a consequence, many householders are already thinking about how they can prepare for the colder months ahead. At Wilkins Chimney Sweep we are already seeing increasing demand for our services and this is replicated across the solid fuel industry. The iPaper recently claimed that ‘Log sellers, stove installers and chimney sweeps are experiencing a surge in demand as consumers try to avoid gas price hikes by switching to woodburners for warmth’

The full article can be read here.

In reality, it is difficult to accurately estimate the savings that can be made and there are a number of issues that consumers need to take into account:

  • Initial cost of installation - don’t scrimp on installation costs. Cutting corners can lead to increased costs at a later date (Speak to a HETAS-approved installer).

  • Cost of fuel – properly seasoned timber is not cheap. You can do it yourself but it’s not easy (see blog). Don’t burn treated waste wood!

  • Maintenance – account for costs of inspection / sweeping by a professional chimney sweep. In the long run this will save you money and the appliance will work more efficiently.

In the current cost of living crisis every penny of savings can help. Burning appropriate fuels on a well-maintained wood burning stove or open fire can save you money on your heating bills. However, cutting corners on the installation, operation or maintenance of your solid fuel appliance may lead to additional costs.

Our local Wilkins chimney sweeps are available all year, if you would like to discuss any of these issues or to arrange a visit to your home.


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