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Could real fires help ease the energy price crisis?

So, who hasn’t seen their central heating bills rise significantly recently? According to Ofgem (the energy regulator for Great Britain) we aren’t finished yet, with unprecedented increases still to come. In fact, Martin Lewis the ‘Money Saving Expert’ warns 'This "winter" could last for years'.

On top of the impact on our wallets, it is becoming increasingly clear how much we rely on external sources for the heating of our homes. We are at the mercy of large energy suppliers, some of which have recently gone bust.

We have previously blogged about disinformation in the media about the demise of the use of sold fuels in domestic heating. However, many users of wood burners and open fires are now commenting that in these uncertain times, owning a real fire provides more control over how we meet this basic need of heating our homes, not to mention potential savings to already stretched household budgets.

Although the end of the use of solid fuel domestically has been forecast by some for the last 30 years, next winter may see a resurgence in this most traditional of way of heating our home.

Of course, if you are thinking of reusing a fireplace or stove that hasn’t been used in some time it would be advised to get a professional chimney sweep to check out the appliance before use. Our local Wilkins chimney sweeps are available all year, if you would like to discuss any of these issues or to arrange a visit to your home.


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