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Wilkins Chimney Sweep

& Burnright


Burnright is the national consumer awareness campaign designed to help you get the most from your fire and fuel. Getting it right will save you money, make you safer and significantly reduce unnecessary air pollution.

Getting It Right

How to use a Wood Burning stove efficiently to save you money and reduce air pollution.

Moisture Meter

This measures the amount of water in your logs. You should aim for 20% moisture or less. If the moisture is more than this, the wood will not burn so efficiently and you will waste fuel and increase pollution. To test moisture content properly the log must be split in half. Then test the freshly split surface. You may not get a correct reading if you just test the outer surface.

Useful Tools

Useful tool to help you use your open fires and wood burners efficiently and to help reduce pollution.

Need a professional chimney sweep?

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