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Is it OK to burn Coffee Logs on my wood burning stove?

One of the important roles of a professional chimney sweep is to provide customers with relevant advice. Wilkins chimney sweeps are often asked about the best things to burn and we have blogged about this issue in the past (see here).

One relatively new product that we receive queries about, are the ‘composite’ logs produced by using recycled waste from coffee, olive and wine production. Some manufacturers claim they burn 20% hotter and longer than standard kiln-dried wood and they are often advertised as being better for the environment.

We also recently blogged about the new legislation which came into effect on May 1 which restricted the sale of certain fuels such as house coal and wet wood for household burning. Coffee logs etc. escaped a ban as they are regarded as a ‘renewable’ fuel.

However, customers living in smoke control areas need to be careful. Some recent reports have argued that in reality the smoke emissions from these fuels actually contravene statutory limits.

Our advice would be to research the fuels you are intending to use and check that what you are burning is appropriate for your appliance and area.

As always you can contact your local Wilkins Chimney Sweep to discuss any of these issues or to arrange a visit to your home.

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