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What causes more pollution in your home?

roast chicken and wood burning stove side by side

We’ve all seen the headlines in the media recently about the potential impact on air pollution of wood burning stoves. Some studies have claimed they have a ‘significant impact’ on indoor air quality. However, is the debate this clear?

A recent article by long established British stove manufacture Charnwood Stoves pointed out that roasting a chicken in the oven produces more harmful pollutants in the home than a wood burning stove.

“When you consider that roasting a chicken in the oven or even making toast can produce levels of PM 2.5 in the home far in excess of a wood stove, it helps put things in perspective!”

In reality, the discussion is far more nuanced than many of the headlines you see. As a professional chimney sweeping business, Wilkins Chimney Sweep are not complacent about the detrimental impact that wood burning stoves can have on air quality. Therefore, we also feel a responsibility to educate the public, in the most efficient and sustainable ways of using their solid fuel appliance, which mitigates these risks.

As we’ve said before, those consumers who use the most efficient stoves, ensure adequate maintenance, burn the best fuels, and are educated in the most effective use of their appliance, can be confident that they are minimising the impact on the environment. With this in mind, there is no one better than your chimney sweep, to know how you are using your stove and provide appropriate guidance.

At Wilkins Chimney Sweep we will continue to always provide expert free advice as part of our service. We support Burnright, the national consumer awareness campaign designed to help you get the most from your fire and fuel, and ‘Ready To Burn’, the government-backed scheme which certifies the quality of the wood you buy.

Contact your local Wilkins Chimney Sweep if you would like to discuss any of these issues or to arrange a visit to your home.


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