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TV star in Carbon monoxide close-shave

Reality TV star Jamie Laing’s building was filled with carbon monoxide over the weekend. The former Made In Chelsea star says he was woken by his carbon monoxide alarm beeping at 2am when he very wisely contacted a gas emergency number to ask for advice.

Carbon monoxide - tasteless, odourless

He was told to open a window and then, when ‘help’ arrived, to evacuate the building. As you’ll read in the report, Jamie says; ‘He told me the whole building is full of carbon monoxide, a silent killer. You can’t taste it, feel it, sense it, nothing at all. Everyone’s fine, everyone’s all good, it’s clear now.’

After the potentially lethal experience, Jamie urged people to check that their alarms were in working order. He said: “If it wasn’t for that beeping alarm, it could have been a different story, who knows, so if you haven’t checked your carbon monoxide alarm, tested it, if you haven’t got one – check it.’

Carbon monoxide alarm

We are so glad that Jamie was ok and had a fully working alarm that alerted him to the danger. He’s quite right, Carbon Monoxide is a silent, odourless, tasteless killer and the only way to know it is present is with an alarm.

How does carbon monoxide get into a home?

This is what the NHS has to say about Carbon monoxide poisoning:

Common household appliances used for heating and cooking can produce carbon monoxide if they are not installed properly, are faulty, or are poorly maintained.

Appliances that can cause carbon monoxide include:

· gas boilers

· gas cookers and clay ovens

· gas or paraffin heaters

· wood, gas and coal fires

· portable generators

Using barbeques or camping stoves inside, and turning on vehicle or lawn mower engines in your garage, can also cause a build-up of carbon monoxide.

Chimneys and carbon monoxide

For this reason, we always advise our clients at Wilkins Chimney Sweep to have their chimneys swept regularly and to keep a working carbon monoxide alarm close to their wood burning or coal fire.

Jamie was very lucky. Carbon monoxide can travel through walls, so it is important you always have one with you in your home or place of work, or when you travel abroad, just in case and of course, if you have a fire, get an alarm and test it regularly.

Our local Wilkins chimney sweeps are available all year if you would like to discuss any of these issues or to arrange a visit to your home.



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