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Twigs appearing in the fireplace?

Spring, when it arrives, is the time of year when our friends the Jackdaws, start to eye up your chimney as somewhere to build their nest. They start by dropping twigs down the chimney – this is the foundation or scaffolding as we like to call it. Look out for twigs in the grate since this is the first sign that your house chimney has been chosen for their new home.

Once the twigs are established, the birds build lovely solid nests and lay their eggs. Bird nests in chimneys are much bigger than nests you see in trees. So, don’t just ignore it, or try and ‘burn it out’! However, don’t expect the nest to be removed during the nesting season. Active bird nests are protected by law and anyone who removes one may be subject to an unlimited fine and even six months in prison!

Once a nest is inactive it should be removed, even if the chimney is not to be used. They hold moisture and stop the flow of air, which can cause damp within your property.

Your local Wilkins Chimney Sweep will be able to legally remove any nest that has been built and provide advice on the type of cowl, bird guard or cap that you require to prevent the problem occurring again.


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