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A 'terrifying' chimney fire

We’re sure a lot of people will be using their fires over this Christmas season, even if we’re not blessed with a white Christmas. But please, please, please make sure your chimney is swept…it’s just not worth the risk…

Ben, now a customer in Norfolk, recently reported his experience of a chimney fire:

“A truly terrifying experience, where I genuinely feared for my young family’s safety. A loud roaring noise sent me running outside, where I saw flames and embers coming from the chimney pot. I immediately called the fire service who were fantastic and attended quickly - luckily there was no lasting damage. They confirmed that all solid fuel chimneys should be swept at least twice a year, if not more during the colder weather.

"Jon from Wilkins Chimney Sweep (South Norfolk) attended for a thorough sweep a few days later. He was friendly, knowledgeable and very understanding after such an unpleasant experience. He took great care with our fireplace, and took extra time to ensure we were safe to begin using the fireplace once more. Rest assured he’ll be a regular visitor now, with our next sweep already scheduled."

We think the Fire Service deserve medals for the work that they do all year round but this video from the Cheshire Service deserves a special mention.

This isn’t about selling our services (although you’d be very welcome to call, of course) but about keeping family and friends safe – please share this story to those who might be risking their home for the price of a decent chimney sweep.

Wishing you safety,

Peter & Louise Harris & the Team at Wilkins Chimney Sweep

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