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Chimney Fire Safety Week

It’s Chimney Fire Safety Week!

It begs the question why we need one – but there are an alarming number of chimney fires, and they are pretty frightening events.

It’s a well known and sadly avoidable fact that dirty chimneys can cause chimney fires, which damage structures, destroy homes and injure or kill people.

Not all chimney fires are easily detected by you, your neighbours or passers by. Slow-burning chimney fires can still reach very high temperatures and cause as much damage to the chimney structure and nearby combustible materials. With proper care, the chances of chimney fires can be minimised and your chimney sweep will recommend an ideal cleaning schedule to ensure your chimney’s safe upkeep.

In addition to keeping your chimney clean there are a few things you can do to help prevent chimney fires:

  • Use seasoned woods only (dryness is important and the type of wood used)

  • Build smaller, hotter fires that bum more completely and produce less smoke

  • Avoid burning cardboard boxes, rubbish or Christmas trees; these can easily start a chimney fire

Please contact your local Wilkins Chimney Sweep to book an appointment or discuss any concerns that you may have.


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