Why do we need a ‘CHIMNEY FIRE SAFETY WEEK’?

4221 chimney fires in England in 2016/17. That’s 4221 too many…

Chimney fires (like many household fires) are avoidable. Of course a cynic might suggest it is in a chimney sweep’s interest to ‘frighten’ customers into having regular sweeps because sweeping is our livelihood. We believe, however, that this is a critical safety service and we work tirelessly to help people avoid a chimney fire. And that’s why we’re getting behind the HETAS Chimney Fire Safety Week.

Chimney fires are frightening – those who have talked to us about having a fire report a loud roar from the fireplace that they don’t immediately relate to a fire in the flue – many think they have an intruder in the house – which indeed they do – FIRE. A very unwelcome fire that could destroy a house and, in extreme circumstances, even claim human lives. Thankfully chimney fires rarely result in the loss of whole properties although thatched properties remain the exception.

2016/17 figures for England (Scotland and Wales have yet to report) show a slight increase over 2015/16 figures but the trend until now has been downwards. Better regulation of woodburner installations through HETAS – the drivers of the safety week campaign – have undoubtedly helped this figure supporting the clear recommendation to sweep annually at least. Sadly many sweeps will tell you they have had customers suggest there is ‘no need to sweep any more as we’ve had a woodburner installed’. And sadly some sweeps are not trained or professional in their skills leaving customers who have taken steps to have their chimney swept at further risk by not cleaning the chimney fully.

Fires are not the only problem – carbon monoxide poisoning is also a potential killer. Even mild symptoms, which are often overlooked, are unpleasant.

This week (4th to 10th September 2017) we will be publishing blogs that we hope will go some way to help the continuing education for our current and new chimney users regarding safe use of fires. Because of course we want people to use their fires safely and enjoy their woodburner, multi-fuel stove, AGA and/or open fire. And we know we can help to make that happen safely.

Look out for our competition on DAY 7!

Have a wonderful, safe, week!

Louise Harris


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