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Woodburner Maintenance*

Woodburners are typically robust units but occasionally need some repairs or maintenance. Additionally, if your woodburner is in a prominent position in your living space, you might like to have it properly cleaned and/or painted once you stop using it, ready for the next burning season.  Please discuss this with your sweep but please note that we will only offer this service when sweeping the woodburner flue.

*Not available in all areas

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Regular chimney sweeping will reduce the risk of blocked flues which can cause a build up of deadly carbon monoxide gas. Since this is undetectable by humans and animals – there is no smell or colour – it is highly dangerous and can kill.

We recommend and can provide the Honeywell H450EN Carbon Monoxide Alarm which carries a six year guarantee. They are sealed for life and therefore have no batteries or spare parts to replace.

Please be safe and have an alarm if you are using your fire or woodburner.  For more information on the dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning see Katie Haines Memorial Trust or the Health and Safety Executive Guidance.

Stove Accessories

We are able to guide on and provide quality stove accessories such as stove fans, cleaning products, gloves etc. Please ask if you are interested in these items.

Moisture Meter

Burning kiln-dried or well-seasoned wood will help prevent creosote (tar) deposits building up in the flue. Buying fuel from a reputable supplier and storing it correctly will usually be sufficient. If you have any doubts about the wood that you have bought you may find a moisture meter will help. This will tell you the percentage moisture content – well seasoned wood should contain between 20 and 25% moisture maximum, depending on the type. Your sweep has a meter with him to help you if required – these are also available for sale.

HotSpot Flue Free

In the event that there are creosote (tar) deposits forming in your chimney flue, we recommend the use of a product called HotSpot Flue Free. It is described as a chimney cleaner but will, if used correctly, help to ‘crystalize’ and loosen creosote (tar) and heavy, long term burnt on soot deposits. Your sweep carries a supply and will be happy to advise on how to use it to best effect.

Honeywell Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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