CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Video Surveys*

Occasionally a problem with a chimney or other dry cavity space occurs which can’t easily be seen.

WILKINS CHIMNEY SWEEPS are able to offer an inspection service that involves pushing a camera into the flue, in a similar fashion to sweeping the chimney.

The chimney void can then be seen on our video monitor (we bring this with us), and the viewed evidence can be recorded to DVD for future use if required.

This CCTV inspection can be very useful for assessing any damage, when getting quotes for any remedial work and providing evidence for insurance or repair purposes.

It is also possible to use our CCTV cameras in any dry cavity spaces that are difficult to access. We regret we cannot use this equipment in drains.

*This service is not available in all areas.

Chimney CCTV

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