A Christmas Greeting (with a seasonal note of caution)

We’re sorry to advise that Good King Wenceslas may not have been quite the ‘good’ King we sing about. You might recall the words of the song indicate that the ‘poor man’ was gathering winter fuel. As a result, the King ordered that he be brought pine logs to deliver to the ‘poor man’.

Our Autumn blog, as a result of many questions (http://www.wilkinschimneysweep.co.uk/which-wood-to-burn/) advised Ash for the King to ‘warm his slippers by’ – and pine doesn’t feature at all on the list of woods to burn!

Everyone is discouraged from burning pine wood as it has an exceptionally high resin content; this resin becomes creosote (tar) when burnt and is very likely to ‘tar up’ the flue.

Tar is a problem for a number of reasons:

  • It is frequently cited as the cause of chimney fires
  • A chimney fire can damage the chimney (including woodburner flues)

There is a similar problem with our lovely Christmas trees – and the needles and small branches may ‘flare’ when burnt and could ignite any residual soot or tar in the chimney! So, however tempting it is to throw that tree on the fire at twelfth night, this wood cannot be seasoned and may result in serious problems, so please resist the urge!

From all at WILKINS CHIMNEY SWEEP, we wish our current (and future!) customers a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a safe burning season.



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